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  • Amazing Job, very fast, had project complete in 2 days. Very high quality programmer, detail oriented, and is a true expert at PHP and MYSQL. - Bill Rollens,
  • Dolrich made an awesome job here. Its a multiseller platform, where users register and can start selling their own products, buy another users products, ask questions to other sellers and answer questions from other buyers, and you get complete control over this actions from admin. Also, the admin privileges are not modified, so you get a list of each client that is registered in the page, in dashboard you see all the transactions made in the page by each user, you can delete users, delete users products, edit them, and many more things. Its like and ebay platform but set in opencart and gives control to opencarts store admin to do whatever they need. I highly recommend it, and Dolrich works very well and fast! - Rob Snowden,
  • Dolrich is the most talented programmer I have ever hired. He is responsible, patient, hard working and gets the job done perfectly and quickly. I would highly recommend him above any programmer I have ever seen on or any other php freelancing site. Since Dolrich truly loves what he does, I predict that he will become one of the best programmers on the net for hire.
    Thanks Dolrich for all of your help, time and patience. - Derek Van Derven,
  • A well thought out extension which is easy to use in the admin section. The creator was very helpful and aided me on a number of occasions to ensure that my shop was working correctly. Would highly recommend this author!! - James Dowell,
  • Contractor was very professional and knowledgeable and got the job done extremely fast!! Great communication skills and a pleasant person to deal with!! I will definitely hire him again! you're a livesaver! Thanks again! Excellent!!! A+ - Odesk Job